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Standard Brazil Marine Survey & Services was created in 1991 by José Antonio M. G. Pereira, licensed marine officer & marine surveyor with international certificate of competence, 375460 MM, to offer a personal, reliable and quality assistance in shipping and naval consultancy, surveying and market researches.

Standard Brazil offers a wide scope of surveys and inspections in both marine and container areas and has attended almost all P&I Clubs, several ship owners, charterers, trading houses, insurance companies, importers, operators, exporters and cargo controller companies from the outset.

The mission of Standard Brazil – Marine Surveys & Services Ltda. is to provide reliable and quality assistance in the surveys and services.

The commitment – from the moment a survey and/or service is contracted, every particular step is given towards the satisfaction of clients’ needs and excellence of results being the costumer interests treated with due respect by dedicated, honest and reliable personnel.

Along the last 16 years, the company has the privilege and satisfaction of never have lost one client due to substandard quality of services performed, inefficiency or any other unprofessional reason.

The vision of our company is to be small enough to keep carrying a reputable and solid name and go on providing tailored surveys and services to the ones whose prestige and decency make us proud to walk along them and transform our attendances in a pleasant work. (w)

Not rare, after some years of attendance, clients use to start to see us as partners and friends looking for their local interests, requesting information and researches to prospect new activities and/or to develop their business locally.

On this particular line of procedure, the company has found opportunity in places not prospected, negotiated new operational agreements which led to some noteworthy enterprises, among them we may describe:
  • the resume of operations, in the port of Antonina , Matarazzo Terminal, with general cargo vessels of Messrs. Bonaire Navigation Company, the terminal and port were idle for a period of twenty years and was the first step to the resuscitation of the city and the creation of the most modern reefer terminal in Brazil.
  • The project made for Messrs. Aliança / Hamburg Sud to transport plywood pallets in containers to Europe when the rate of dollar/ real was 1/1 and caused a trade imbalance due to the excess of importation in Brazil and the need of returning the lots of empty containers with cargoes at the rates in which general cargo vessels were working with.
  • The transportation of ceramic tiles and other delicate cargoes on general cargo vessels with almost zero percentage of damage.
  • The projects of stevedoring materials to reduce risks of cargo damage improving the daily loading/unloading rates.
  • The way of checking and counter checking the loading and unloading of cargoes in such way to provide the clients of a realistic figure and cargo condition at the loading or unloading point.
  • The studies to build a new private port in the entrance of Paranaguá bay, known as Pontal do Sul, Pontal do Paraná.
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